pant1 [pant]
[ME panten, prob. contr. < OFr pantaisier < VL * phantasiare, to suffer from a nightmare < L phantasia, idea, notion, nightmare: see FANTASY]
1. to breathe rapidly and heavily; gasp, as from running fast
2. to beat rapidly, as the heart; throb; pulsate
3. to feel strong desire; yearn eagerly: with for or after
4. to give off steam, smoke, etc. in loud puffs, as an engine
to utter hurriedly and breathlessly; gasp out
1. any of a series of rapid, heavy breaths, as from exertion; gasp
2. a throb, as of the heart
3. a puff, as of an engine
pant2 [pant]
n., adj.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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